The Department of Mathematics and Statistics formally came into being in 2013 when BSc Mathematics main started with Astronomy and Statistics as subsidiary subjects. Currently the Department offers BSc Degree Course in Mathematics with Statistics and Physics as Complementary Course. During the course period students study pure and applied Mathematics along With Operations Research and Computer Science. The department regularly conducts workshops and seminars in various topics of mathematics. The department is equipped with a resourceful library and a fully furnished computer lab so that students get every bit of information for their overall development.

To centre stage mathematical knowledge in the curriculum, instill analytical and logical thinking among students and promote mathematics as an important area of human thought. To encourage students to conduct student projects to develop their analytical and logical thinking. To conduct faculty training programmes thorough invited talks and workshops. To establish industry links to develop mathematical models and help the industry. To conduct outreach programmes for the socially-marginalized students.

  • Jayaresmi T. N.

    Address: Jayabhavan Kadayanikkadu (P.O.), Kangazha, Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686541
    Mobile number: 9400747937
    Email address:

  • Dhanya M. S., M.Sc. Mathematics, Assistant Professor

    Address: Puthenveettil (H), Pookkottumanna (P.O.), Chungathara, Malappuram (D.T.), Kerala, India - 679334
    Mobile number: 9497147331
    Email address:

  • Drisya N. M.Sc. Mathematics, Assistant Professor

    Address: Nellengodan (H), Eranhimangad (P.O.), Myladi, Nilambur, Malappuram (D.T.), Kerala, India - 679329
    Mobile number: 9645237816
    Email address: